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* Get advertising space specifically targeted for Portable/Handheld gamers.
* Game Rumble is a 100% gaming focused blog, no crap, just gaming stuff.
* Game Rumble is an actively growing blog.
* Game Rumble is about Quality AND Quantity.
* Game Rumble community is ACTIVELY growing, buy your ad space now while cheap. It pays to act fast!
* Wide range of targeted audience from social and casual gaming to online and hardcore games.

Advertising Options

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250 x 250 square ad - HIGH EXPOSURE! Displayed inside each individual blog post (above the fold, right sidebar). Starts at $49.99/mo for 3 months.

300 x 250 square ad - HIGH EXPOSURE! Displayed inside each individual blog post (footer, either left or right). Starts at $74.99/mo for 3 months.

Background ad - This is currently experimental. Please contact us for more info about this product.

Leaderboard ad (forums) - Huge horizontal ad on our forums section. Appears on most pages. Price will be available soon!

Background ad (forums) - Same as the blog background ad. We're still working on the details of this product.

Payment Terms

We currently only accept upfront payment through Western Union. As soon as we receive your payment, your ad is displayed immediately.

Update: PayPal payments now also available

Please note...

* No Text-Link Advertising - Sorry but we DO NOT offer text-link advertising.
* No P*rn, abusive or related materials.
* You need to supply us with your banner. Banners are subject for approval.
* We will need to review the product you're advertising. This doesn't necessarily mean that we're going to write a written review about your product but your product needs to go through our approval process.

Supported Platforms:

* Nintendo 3DS (retail)
* Nintendo 3DS eShop
* PSP (via PlayStation Store)
* PS Vita (retail)
* PS Vita (PlayStation Store)

For more info please contact us at or use our contact form.