More Final Fantasy Explorers Info ― More Jobs, Gameplay

Final Fantasy Explorers
Apart from the 4 jobs already revealed, a couple more info has been recently unveiled about Final Fantasy Explorers such as more jobs and the type of gameplay.

Famitsu magazine describes the game as a "lite" version of Final Fantasy XIV or Final Fantasy XI. There will also be about 20 playable jobs in the game. Aside from Knight, Monk, White Mage and Black Mage that was previously revealed there will also be the Dragon Knight, Paladin, Thief, Ninja, Red Mage, Time Mage, and Bard.

Bravely Default players will be familiar with moving around abilities to other jobs once they've mastered/acquired them. It will be possible to assign each button an ability making a total of eight abilities that can be used in battle. Filling the limited 4-player slot is not limited to humans.

A "monster training" feature will allow players to train monsters and fill-up the remaining slots. Also, co-op multiplayer will have internet and local network support. Final Fantasy Explorers will last 100 to 200 hours. Square Enix has not announced a release dateso far.



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