Moon Chronicles For 3DS Announced

Moon Chronicles For 3DS
Mutant Mudds developer, Renegade Kid, has announced their First Person Shooter game for the Nintendo 3DS called Moon Chronicles.

Moon Chronicles is actually a remake of their Nintendo DS which was released back in 2009. The story revolves around a character name Major Kane as he embarks on a moon mission to investigate a hatch of unknown origin.

The game will follow an episodic model, making the first episode a remake of the original game. The first episode will contain 4 chapters, 6 VR missions and 4 hours of gameplay.

Below is a comparison of the new Moon game vs the old Moon game.

Moon 3DSMoon DS

In an interview with IGN, Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham said that they wanted to deliver a feeling similar to TV shows where you long for the next episode.

Moon Chronicles for Nintendo 3DS will follow the price structure below.

Episode 1: $8.99 (contains chapters 1 - 4 + 6 VR Missions: ~4 hours of gameplay).
Episode 2 (as DLC): $1.99 (contains chapters 5 - 8: ~2 hours of gameplay).
Episode 3 (as DLC): $1.99 (contains chapters 9 - 12: ~2 hours of gameplay).
Episode 4 (as DLC): $1.99 (contains chapters 13 - 16: ~2 hours of gameplay).

So how is performance going to be? According to Renegade Kid, Moon Chronicles will run at a smooth 60-frames-per-second with or without 3D on. The game graphics has been retouched and there will also be circle pad pro support.

By pointing your 3DS camera on the QR below, you'll be taken to a special page where you can check some 3DS Screenshots.html of the game.

Moon Chronicles is scheduled for release in Spring this year.

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