This Metroid-esque Game — ReVeN — Could Come To PS Vita If It Reaches $200,000 Kickstarter Fund

An Indie game currently in development for the PC looks so much like a Metroid game. It can come to the PS Vita with enough support from Kickstarter backers.

ReVeN is a side-scrolling game that takes inspiration from Metroid, and a few modern FPS games like Deus Ex and Crysis.

The game is set in the 28th century future on a beautiful planet called XR-Keres. The game's theme is about "duality", which seem to tell something about the planet's "outside beauty" with some sort of compromise to it interior. You will be uncovering many secrets as you explore the world.

ReVeN Screenshot 1ReVeN Screenshot 2ReVeN Screenshot 3ReVeN Screenshot 4

At the heart of the game is a system called "EDM", which stands for Energy Divergence Module. EDM allows you to divert energy to different parts of SyRek's body such as Weapons, Shielding, Mobility, and Sensors.

There will also be a crafting feature in the game. You can use minerals found while digging in the game's world. The minerals can be used to expand Syrek's abilities.

The developers are only aiming for $18,000 to Kickstart the development for the PC. If they reach $200,000, they will release the game on the PS4 and PS Vita.

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