OlliOlli Skateboarding Game Coming To PlayStation Vita

OlliOlli - PlayStation Vita
A skateboarding game is coming to PlayStation Vita. It's a game called OlliOlli and it's developed by a company called Roll7.

The game is an infinite runner, and gives you the ability to perform tricks and combo like the Tony Hawk games. There are over 100 skateboarding tricks that you can perform in the game. OlliOlli also uses some hand-drawn, pixel-based graphics.

Here's quick rundown on the features:
  • Infinite, randomly generated levels.
  • 100s of different unique obstacles.
  • 5 different stages, from Urban London to Arizona Junkyard.
  • Customisable characters
  • 100+ tricks and grinds.
  • Simple but deep trick system
  • Global high-scores and online competitions
  • Tons of challenges and awards.
  • Sick Sound track featuring Mizz Beats, LeftLane Cruiser and Bo Ningnen to name but a few...
The game also features three game modes which are career, spots and daily grind. Below are the details for each mode.

OlliOlli is slated for release on November 2013 for the PlayStation Vita. You can check out roll7's official website here.

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