Tomodachi Collection: New Life Coming April 18th In Japan

Tomodachi Collection: New Life
If you love playing an alter-ego in games like Animal Crossing or The Sims, and live in a game world where you could do things you never have the luxury to do in real life, then you'd probably be interested to know that the Japanese game called Tomodachi (meaning friend) Collection has a sequel coming called Tomodachi Collection: New Life.

The game allows you to bring your Mii in a fictional world where you need to make friends, perform daily tasks, and do good things to other Mii's by giving them clothes, food, and other in-game items.

The trailer above shows how your Mii can do stuff like yoga, eat in a restaurant, dance in Hawaiian dress, and even go as far as performing a song on stage,

If you owned the original game, you can transfer your Mii by using a special software that can be downloaded from the japanese Nintendo eShop.

Tomodachi Collection: New Life is scheduled for release in Japan on April 18th. You can check the game's official Japanese website here.

Would you like to see this game released in the West?

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