Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Demo Now Available On The eShop

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Cover Art (US)
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Demo is now available on the Nintendo eShop. Here's another good news, it has unlimited number of trials!

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Is 100% Complete

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Cover Art
Tarsier Studios recently announced that the development of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita is now complete.

Fractured Soul Arriving On 3DS eShop September 13

Fractured Soul Logo
Mark your calendars! Classic side-scrolling action from Endgame Studios, Fractured Soul will be coming over to the Nintendo eShop on September 13th, 2012.

Raiden Makes It To PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Raiden In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Well it seems like the Vita is getting Raiden after all, but not in the form of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance but with the upcoming (smash bros brawl clone game), PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning 15th Anniversary Edition Includes A 12" Cow Plushie

Harvest Moon Cow Plushie Toy
Natsume recently announced that their Harvest Moon: A New Beginning 15th Anniversary Edition will come with this very cute 12" Cow Plushie.

Mutant Mudds Review (3DS, eShop)

Mutant Mudds (3DS, eShop)
A game highly inspired by the 8-bit and 16-bit era sets Max on a journey to destroy mutants made of mud that invaded the planet.

PSone Classics For Vita Available On v1.80 Update

PSone Classics (Vita) - Final Fantasy VII
As soon as the PS Vita firmware update v1.80 arrives, PSOne Classics will be available for download. Here's a list of classics that will surely make you feel nostalgic.

Yatagarasu — 2D Fighting Game For The 3DS Bound For The West

Yatagarasu 3DS
From the same team that brought us Cave Story and VVVVVV comes a 2D fighting game for the Nintendo 3DS. Nicalis, in collaboration with Circle Edge announced on their blog that the previously Japan-only title, Yatagarasu, will be coming over to the West.

ATLUS Reveals Persona 4: Golden Solid Gold Premium Edition

Persona 4 Golden Solid Gold Premium Edition
Thinking of getting Persona 4: Golden for the PS Vita? You might want to get it earlier as ATLUS announced a special promo called Solid Gold Premium Edition.

SunFlowers Coming To PS Vita This Fall

SunFlowers PS Vita Puzzle Game
Handheld consoles aren't exactly a hardcore-only type of platform. At least that is the impression we get  with this upcoming puzzle game called SunFlowers for the PS Vita.

Bird Mania 3D Review (3DS, eShop)

Bird Mania 3D Title Screen
Here's a casual game for the Nintendo 3DS from Teyon games. Bird Mania 3D puts you on the role of Mojo, a bird that was left alone by his flock to go on a vacation. You wouldn't want them to have all the fun, so you chase and go after them really fast!

Tearaway Is A Perfect Example Of A PS Vita game Says Yoshida

Tearaway PS Vita Exclusive Game
Sony World Wide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida was quoted to say that the upcoming adventure game for the PS Vita, Tearaway, is a perfect example of what is possible on a PS Vita game.

Bravely Default Arriving October 11 In Japan — Comes With A Sexy Black Box

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy JP Screenshot
Upcoming RPG game from square Bravely Default: Flying Fairy finally gets a release date in Japan. It will come on October 11, 2012.

3DS XL Charging Cradle Imminent — In Australia At Least

3DS Charging Cradle
The freshly launched 3DS XL does not come with a charging dock. The charger was even cut off from the bundle in other regions. This may have been to cut cost for the production of the upgraded system.

PS Vita Firmware Update 1.8 Comes On August 28th — Includes Cross Control

PS Vita Cross Controller - Firmware Update 1.8
Finally, some good news for the Vita. At the recently concluded Gamescom event held in Germany, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced that the Vita will get another firmware update.

Metal Gear Rising Unlikely To Come To PS Vita — Not Powerful Enough, Says Creative Producer

 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Raiden)
With the Cross Buying initiative being set by Sony in Europe, one can always wonder whether all games can be ported over to the PS Vita. However, we're already starting to see that this is not the case and such is Yuji Korekado's comment on Metal Gear Rising and the PS Vita's raw power.

Colors! 3D Review (3DS, eShop)

Colors! 3D Logo
Do you love to paint? Make your imagination work, express your feelings using a paint brush? What if I tell you that you can do that? In 3D!

Dust 514 Neocom Vita App Acts As Companion To The PS3 Game — Promises MMO On The Go

Dust 514 PS Vita App
While it's not exactly a new game, the PlayStation store will once again get an additional software in its library with this Dust 514 Neocom Vita App.

PSP Still Outselling The Vita 2:1

PSP vs Vita
The PS Vita's predecessor, the PSP, remains strong despite the Vita's enhanced features. The PSP is currently outselling the Vita twice or more globally.

Dillon's Rolling Western Review (3DS, eShop)

Dillon's Rolling Western
Games with a single genre is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Developers and publishers like to mix up things, such as this game called Dillon's Rolling Western for the Nintendo 3DS.

Zombie Slayer Diox Review (3DS, eShop)

Zombie Slayer Diox
He's a guitar-carrying zombie killer! Meet Diox (the X is silent), a blonde, heavy metal, sword slashing rock star.

Nintendo 3DS XL Arrives In The Philippines — Priced At Php 10, 500

It was a jaw-dropping day for Filipino 3DS enthusiasts as the 3DS XL launched yesterday (August 19) here in the Philippines. Photos of the newly-bought device were shared through social-media sites and everyone sharing their warm reception. Here are several reactions that we gathered from people who already bought the device.

BlazePro Crystal GripCase Review (3DS)

BlazePro Crystal GripCase
If you have an old version of the 3DS and you're looking for a crystal case cover that is cheap but durable and most importantly comfortable, look no further than the BlazePro Crystal GripCase.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission For 3DS Announced

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 3DS
Finally, a Dragon Ball game for the 3DS! Unfortunately for fans, we're getting some sort of card game instead of a fighting game in which we are all already used to getting. The game will be called Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission.

Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D Now Available On The Nintendo eShop For $1.99!

Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D
The Nintendo eShop is really starting to get filled with low-price games and here comes yet another one for only $1.99. Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D is an action adventure game for the Nintendo 3DS developed and published by Teyon Games.

Soul Sacrifice Will Make You Sacrifice Your Money — Literally

Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita)
There's one good reason why a player would opt for a handheld gaming device rather than tablet computers such as the iPad or any Android-enable device. And what is that? Platform exclusives, of course! Soul Sacrifice is a PS Vita exclusive action-RPG game and will teach you that nothing in life comes for free.

Style Savvy: Trendsetters Screenshots

Just in case you didn't have enough from our previous post about this game, here are some Style Savvy: Trendsetters screenshots that you could take a look at the moment while we wait for the game to be released.

Style Savvy: Trendsetters For 3DS Brings Fashion Into Gaming

Style Savvy: Trendsetters
A new game from syn Sophia (formerly AKI Corporation) might actually put the interest of little girls and grown-up women in games. Style Savvy: Trendsetters is an upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS that puts you on the role of a fashion business person and try to make your way on top of the fashion world.

Ragnarok Odyssey Asian Version Now Available In English And Chinese

Ragnarok Odyssey Asian Cover
The Asian version of Ragnarok Odyssey is now available in English and Chinese. The retail version will be available today (August 16, 2012) while the digital download version will be available on August 21st.

New Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Screenshots Show Alucard

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate - Alucard
Here are more Castlevania: Mirror of Fate screenshots from Konami and they show one of the most anticipated characters in the game, Alucard.

Madden NFL 13 Demo For Vita — Touchdown!

Madden NFL 13 (PS Vita)
Madden NFL 13 demo for PS Vita just arrived on the PlayStation store. The demo comes as a 1.47 GB download.

Club Nintendo Offers 3D Classics Excitebike As Reward

3D Classics Excitebike - Club Nintendo
Club Nintendo (US) is currently offering 3D Classics Excitebike for 150 coins and will last until August 26, 2012.

XSeed Reveals Orgarhythm For PS Vita

While 3DS owners enjoyed the month of July with some rhythm games such as Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Rhythm Thief, the Vita celebrates August with the announcement of its own rhythm game called Orgarhythm.

Street Fighter X Tekken For Vita Will Be Feature Rich, Includes Color Customization

Street Fighter X Tekken Character Customization
Upcoming fighting game from Capcom, Street Fighter x Tekken for the PS Vita will be released this coming October and Capcom recently released a couple of videos showcasing the game's new features for the Vita.