Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion Details Revealed

Epic Mickey Cutscene
So our speculation was right all along. The upcoming Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion for 3DS is somehow related to the old SEGA Genesis game called Castle of illusion.

Epic Mickey for Nintendo 3DS Confirmed

Epic Mickey 3DS Announced
An Epic Mickey game for the Nintendo 3DS has been confirmed by Nintendo Power magazine and this one is exclusively being made for the 3DS System. The game is called Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion.

Mighty Switch Force Review (3DS eShop)

Mighty Switch Force
Mighty Switch Force was one of the most anticipated games for the Nintendo 3DS eShop back on 2011. In this review, we'll touch on the overall features of the game. Let's find out what WayForward has to offer with this action platform puzzler.

The Legend Of Heroes Coming To Vita

The Legend of Heroes Vita
A Legendary RPG called The Legend of Heroes is coming to the PlayStation Vita. Although, this isn't really a ground-up game built for the Vita. It's more of a  enhanced port beefed up with some new features.

PSN Card For PS Vita Buying Guide

PSN Card
The PSN Card (or PlayStation Network Card) is a universal prepaid card used by the PS Vita to add funds to the PlayStation Store.

Nintendo 3DS Stylus Buying Guide

Nintendo 3DS Stylus Leash by Irodori
The Nintendo 3DS Stylus is a nice piece of accessory that comes with the package. It's slim (easy to grip), retractable and  during the first year that I've used it, it never rusted or even dented.

Game Gear Games Coming To 3DS eShop

Game Gear - 3DS eShop
The SEGA Game Gear comes back to life as Game Gear Games come to the Nintendo 3DS eShop virtual console this month.

PS Vita Review

PS Vita Review
At last, we got our hands on the PS Vita and we have a lengthy story to tell! Are you ready? Brace yourself as we dive into Sony's latest gaming handheld. Full review after the jump!