Another 3DS Price Drop Imminent, Blue 3DS XL + Mario Kart 7 Bundle To Be Released Next Week

Blue 3DS XL + Mario Kart 7 (Unofficial)
The Nintendo 3DS (the small one) might just be getting another price drop as Nintendo is rumored to lower the price of the handheld from $169.99 to $139.99 in two weeks time.

Back in August 2011, Nintendo was forced to drop the price of the 3DS from $249.99 to $169.99 as a counter-measure to the handheld's weak sales performance. It's a whole different ball game now and the 3DS was able to hold its ground.

Cheap Ass Gamer user "htz" claims that it's currently unclear whether the price drop will be a MSRP or just a retailer discount. The same forum user suggests that Nintendo will be releasing a Blue 3DS XL + Mario Kart 7 bundle for $199.99.

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