That Latest 3DS Update You Got Blocks Almost All Flashcarts Permanently

R4 3DS
Well it seems like the latest 3DS firmware update (4.4.0-10U) does permanently block almost all existing Flashcarts. Is this a win for Nintendo?

Unlike before however, manufacturers of these carts cannot just modify and update their software to get around the problem. It seems like they'll need a total redesign and people who patronize these products will probably need to purchase again (please don't).

The Nintendo 3DS's predecessor, the Nintendo DS, has been plagued by piracy throughout its lifetime. While this move does not promise total elimination of piracy, it does make the matter a little harder for manufacturers and a lot more inconvenient to buyers.

Even after more than a year, hackers still have difficulty running full 3DS games and making a profit from it. So far, all they've managed to do is run good old DS games on the system.

Source: TinyCartridge
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