Skype For PS Vita Has Been Updated On The US PlayStation Store — Adds Performance Improvements And New Features

Skype For PS VIta
Skype for PS Vita has been updated for the US PlayStation Store. Sony or Skype didn't give anything more specific other than saying that the update "adds performance improvements and helpful new features".

Skype for PS Vita allows you to receive calls even when browsing the web or playing games. You can easily connect Skype over the Internet through 3G or Wi-Fi connection. Skype for PS Vita also allows you to talk to your contacts via video conversation. You can also use the app to make calls to mobile phones and landlines by using Skype credits.

Update: Here are the specific updates for v1.50
  • Add contacts on Skype.
  • Use 'Favourite' to organize your contacts.
  • Create a profile picture using your PlayStation Vita system's camera.
  • Add Skype Credit and make calls to mobiles and landlines.
  • Create a new Skype account from your PS Vita system.
  • Performance improvements and minor bug fixes.
Source: PlayStation via Twitter
2 comments Discuss in forums Posted on Saturday, September 29, 2012

Aliendorid said...

Sir how about our ASIAn version Skype Update?

LamiaGR said...

We're not sure about the Asian region. PlayStation and Skype only tweeted about the US region. I'm not even sure if EU gets this update. Or maybe they will but not all the features. There are some regulations that govern the use of Skype in some countries.

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