Samurai G Coming To eShop This October

Samurai G (eShop)
A brand new Samurai game from UFO interactive will be coming over to the Nintendo eShop this October. The game is called Samurai G (for Gold) and it seems to be a successor to UFO's first game, Samurai Sword Destiny.

You'll be playing the role of Tetsuo, a lone Samurai and protector of the gold of Tengu, which seems to have some sort of mystical power that could affect or predict the outcome of a war. You need to protect the gold from Warlord Fuma's corrupt samurai mercenaries and evil ninja warriors.

The game features a challenging side-scrolling adventure and a hand-drawn artwork. The game will also support an in-game achievement system.

So far, the 3DS eShop has a collection of three different Samurai games including Sakura Samurai, Samurai Sword Destiny, and now this. We're not sure if Diox counts as one though...

Samurai G will be coming over to the Nintendo eShop on October 4, 2012 for a very cheap price $1.99.
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