PS Vita Value Pack Review

PS Vita Value Pack
Following our PS Vita review series, we made another review solely for the PS Vita Value Pack. There are just too many things to say about the Vita alone so this was deemed necessary.

The PlayStation Vita Value Pack has two boxes in it: the unit box and the accessory pack. The unit box essentially contains the unit itself, the charger and a USB connector which you can connect to the charger to an A/C outlet.

The accessory pack contains a cleaning cloth, screen protective filter, a strap, a game card case, and the PS Vita case. The protection filter is something you should definitely have from day one.

Accessory Pack Contents
  • Protection Filter
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Wrist Strap
  • PlayStation Vita Case
  • PlayStation Vita Card Case
The PS Vita case is so wonderful and I could've purchased the package with just that thing in it. The exterior has a very nice leather finish, there's definitely no sign of cheap material used. There's a cushion inside the case that serves as a protector to your Vita's screen. The interior is also have a cloth-like finish that serves as a protection for the the rear touchpad as well.

The case doesn't offer that much protection from liquid though because almost all the sides are open. Depending on the angle your Vita could fall, it can protect your unit from any minor shocks. One last thing we don't want to forget is that the Vita case can also act as a stand. You can pose your Vita at an angle so you can enjoy surfing the web. You may need something to put behind the supporting part though as there's a chance that you could knock it off balance.

PS Vita Value Pack Box (Top)PS Vita Value Pack Box (Back)PS Vita Value Accessory and Unit BoxPS Vita Value Pack Box (Bottom)

The game card case was sufficient for those who want to buy a few more games aside from what came with the package. The PS Vita game card case can store up to 8 extra games as well as 2 extra memory cards. The game card case also comes in a nice transparent black color.

The game that came with the package is Uncharted: Golden Abyss which may actually be the perfect game to showcase the Vita's capabilities. There's also a 4GB memory card that came with the unit and it was sufficient for most of my short-term needs. I can store a decent amount of photos and music, as well as download demos from the PlayStation store.

PS Vita Wi-Fi BoxPS Vita Value Accessory PackPS Vita Game Card Case, Cleaning Cloth, Uncharted, Memory Card

The PS Vita value pack is a perfect package for those thinking of buying a Vita for the first time. It's a perfect way to try out how much you'll really need, without buying too much of everything. It also have the essential accessories to protect your unit and your games as you play on-the-go.

The PS Vita value pack is priced around Php 15, 500 to 18,000 here in the Philippines (roughly $369 to $428). You can also buy the unit and the accessory pack separately.

Be sure to read our PS Vita Review series as we explore a lot more about this device.
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Aliendorid said...

Very informative review Sir, I visit your site daily because of updates of games here in our country. 

Good Job

gamerumble said...

Thanks! Your positive comment is at least a consolation for us trying to write on a more focused topic (i.e. hardcore handheld gaming). This is a very expensive hobby  and our hearts cry out for appreciation. XP

Aliendorid said...

Its hard to find a site for gaming updates locally, A hobby that relieves your tension from work and family matters,hehehe, Their is no need to phone your local game store in inquiring when will be the game available here in our country, just to visit your site will keep me updated for the in coming games, price list availability, reviews from a Filipino perspective and games availability.

I appreciate your work guys.

gamerumble said...

You may still need to phone your local gaming store. But we're trying to build relationships with them as to get up-to-date information. :)

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