PlayStation Mobile Coming To Vita And Other PlayStation Certified Devices On October 3rd

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Senior Director of PlayStation Digital Platforms Jack Buser revealed last week that PlayStation Mobile games are coming over to a range of PlayStation-Certified devices including the PlayStation Vita on October 3rd.

PlayStation Mobile offers PlayStation-like experience to various tablet and mobile devices. Sony will have 30 titles from different developers available at launch. The games will span multiple genre such as Adventure, Action, Puzzle, Sports, and Simulation and will be priced ranging from $2 to $20. We already know of titles like Super Crate Box and Eufloria Adventures coming to the platform.

The platform opens up to a wide variety of developers including the already established ones, indie and even individuals. The SDK will cost $99 annually, and games can be distributed through the PlayStation Store.

Sony has not yet verified if there will be trophy support. However, a report from Shacknews back in August indicates that PlayStation Mobile will "at some point, have trophies and leaderboards".

Brands that have PlayStation Certified devices currently include Sony, HTC, ASUS Tek, WikiPad, Fujitsu, and Sharp as confirmed by Jack Buser himself.

Certainly is an exciting news for PlayStation Vita owners as this could expand its game library. Although, we're a little worried about the quality of games that will come out through this. We hope that Sony will require developers some strict compliance to quality. We're not sure if it's enough assurance but Joystiq reports that PlayStation Mobile games are "subject to the same content restrictions as console games".

Source: PlayStation Blog
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