New PS Vita Colors — Cosmic Red and Sapphire Blue Arriving This November In Japan

New PS Vita Colors
Thinking of getting a Vita but hindered by the available colors? Not to worry! Sony is releasing two more color variants which comes in blue and red.

The Vita originally came in black and it was one of the most elegant-looking gadget we've ever seen. Sony eventually released a white version a few months after its release.

The official names for the new colors are Sapphire Blue and Cosmic Red. The new PS Vita colors will come on November 15th in Japan. There were more color variants teased during the Tokyo Game Show last year, but somehow, Sony held back on releasing them.

PS Sapphire Blue (Front)PS Sapphire Blue (Back)PS Vita Cosmic Red (Front)PS Vita Cosmic Red (Back)

There's no word of an upcoming US or Europe release but we'll be sure to keep you guys posted. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list or simply join us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Source: Engadget
3 comments Discuss in forums Posted on Friday, September 21, 2012

FlameHazeXXI said...

The red one is kind of an eyesore.

GRAdmin said...

It is? I only wish they added a few more like Purple and gray maybe... But I like the blue one.

Aliendorid said...

its better way if they colored the both analogs in the same way...

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