Monster Hunter 4 Release Date Announced, New Trailer Revealed

Monster Hunter 4
Finally, we get a definite mark for Monster Hunter 4. The still 3DS-exclusive game will be coming over to Japan in March 2013. It was announced during the Tokyo Game Show a few days ago with some multiplayer gameplay demo.

Capcom also released a new trailer which shows new monsters, moves and the open-world environment. It sure looks a lot better in motion than with Screenshots.

We still haven't heard of a US release date but at least we got Monster Hunter Ultimate coming over to North America next year. Be sure to visit us again for more Monster Hunter 4 and Nintendo 3DS updates!

Source: Gematsu
4 comments Discuss in forums Posted on Friday, September 21, 2012

Aliendorid said...

Still waiting for the VITA release, it could be awesome, I guess games on vita was delayed because of Hackers emerge

gamerumble said...

Capcom specifically said that the development was focused on the 3DS because of the availability of the two screens (for the menu) and the availability of the 3DS during the time of their development. If there's going to be a Vita release, it won't be this Monster Hunter 4. Maybe another version.

Gaignun said...

Monster Hunter 4 on Vita? You can keep dreaming. Capcom is tired of selling units for Sony.

Aliendorid said...

I agree its only a dream, nuff said

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