PS Vita Firmware Update 1.8 Comes On August 28th — Includes Cross Control

PS Vita Cross Controller - Firmware Update 1.8
Finally, some good news for the Vita. At the recently concluded Gamescom event held in Germany, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced that the Vita will get another firmware update.

The update will be for version 1.8 and will come on August 28, 2012. Andriasang has compiled a list of features that will come with the update such as:
  • Support for PlayStation titles
  • System button control for the home screen, the video player, the music player, and the settings screen
  • Support for playback at different speeds, rewind and forward, and repeat for the video player
  • Playlist support from your PS3 or iTunes for the music player
  • Icon for Cross Controll in the LiveArea's Remote Play space
The firmware update can be done through the PS Vita's WiFi connection.
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