BlazePro Crystal GripCase Review (3DS)

BlazePro Crystal GripCase
If you have an old version of the 3DS and you're looking for a crystal case cover that is cheap but durable and most importantly comfortable, look no further than the BlazePro Crystal GripCase.

The crystal case is made of high quality materials. There's a nice leather finish on the edges allowing for a very good grip while preserving your 3DS's neon color style through the transparent cover. The leather part comes in different colors such as white, red, blue and black.

BlazePro Crystal GripCase Box (Front)BlazePro Crystal GripCase Box (Back)

The BlazePro Crystal GripCase fits the 3DS perfectly. I had very little trouble installing the crystal case on the device. Just slide the lower part and press down the upper part and your 3DS is secured from minor drops, shocks and scratches.

Another good thing about the crystal cover is that you'll have full access to all the 3DS's functions. There are certain flaws such as having to use your fingernails or the edge of your finger on the volume slide and wi-fi switch, but this is very minimal and at most times trivial.

The crystal case is also very lightweight. The weight won't really differ much from other brands that you'd come to encounter. At around $3, you can continue to play with your device without having to worry of it being scratched.

Unfortunately, the BlazePro Crystal GripCase doesn't come with screen protector film that you'd usually get in a package. The product also doesn't come with an installation manual so first-timers are pretty much on their own.

At an extremely low price, you're guaranteed to be satisfied with the product. You can continue to play on the go and leave your worries away. You can check out more info about the product and order at
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