Rhythm Thief Demo Sneak Peak

Rhythm Thief Demo Captioned
A day before its release, let's take a look at what Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure demo plays like. Video after the jump!

Rhythm Thief is about a thief who likes to steal famous artworks but returns them after a few days. This made him infamous among parisians. Raphel is also in pursuit of his father's disappearance.

Game Info

Release Date: 07/10/2012
Publisher: SEGA
Genre: Rhythm/Music
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Rated: E10+ (Everyone 10 and older)
Price: $44.90 (play-asia.com)


  • Tap the screen, swipe the stylus, control the gyro to the beat of the music to maneuver Raphael in the variety of rhythm-based challenges
  • Dive into the world of Raphael and get immersed in this colorful adventure with 3D maps and stylish animation that bring the streets of Paris to life
  • Unearth the clues hidden behind treasures scattered around Paris to unmask the truth about Raphael and the secret of the city.
  • Master the beat and take on your friends in a variety of toe-tapping rhythm challenges. Collect fans in Paris on your virtual 3D map through StreetPass™
So who's getting the game on day one? No? Are you planning to get the game at all? You should also check our written impression of the game here.

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