Resident Evil: Revelations Review (3DS)

Resident Evil Revelations 3DS Cover
Jill Valentine is back alongside a new partner, Parker. Resident Evil Revelations is the 3DS's second Resident Evil game and it doesn't disappoint.

The game came out last February 2012 but we had to take our time to play the game and see everything through (alright, I was playing other games too!).

Upon starting the game, you'll notice Capcom's diligent work on the main menu. The upper screen and the lower screen seemingly integrate even with the lower screen's  "lower screen resolution". Buttons are layed out cleanly on the touchscreen but you can also just use the physical buttons to navigate.

Starting the game in campaign mode starts with Jill and Parker in a rescue mission to save Chris and Jessica in what seems to be an abandoned ship. At the same time, you're investigating a terrorist group named Veltro who's been involved in an incident with bioterrorism using BOW's (Bio Organic Weapons) in an island called Terragricia a year before the events of Resident Evil Revelations.

The game impressed me immediately as soon as I took control of the character. Resident Evil Revelations presents one of the most superior graphics on the 3DS to date. The environment looks very realistic, the character models are impressive. Leather looks leather, and the clothes somehow gives a shiny look and feel.

The game looks even better in 3D with no noticeable slowdowns. The 3D gives more depth to the character and the environment. The 3D can be adjusted to levels that suits the player and even without the 3D the game still looks awesome.

When you happen to pass by a lighted area, you'll see the character's shadow reflected on the wall. It's a little pixelated, but nevertheless gives more detail than the traditional under the foot shadow we see in games.

The camera follows a behind the back, over the shoulder angle when you walk and shooting a gun can be configured to be in first person or third person mode. A new control scheme added to the game is the ability to walk while aiming or shooting the gun. You can also strafe left or right and this adds to your chances of survival. When enemies get too close at you, you can dodge their attack by pressing a button at the right time.

Even without an attachment slidepad pro, you can rotate the camera to examine your character or her surroundings, it helps doing so from time to time.

There are almost no loading times in the game, say goodbye to those doors with opening and closing animations. If there is, it's usually proceeded by a cutscene. It's very impressive how Capcom maintained the speed of the game to run smoothly except when riding an elevator which just slows down everything.

You no longer fight with Zombies. Instead, you fight with more highly evolved version of zombies. Enemies differ in appearance and behaviour, some would only come and suck the blood out of you and some go as far as shooting their limbs at you. The enemies are also not limited to walking, highly evolved zombies but would also bring back memories of enemies you've probably met on previous Resident Evil titles such as hunters. There are also water type enemies in the game, which in my experience are a little harder to beat.

There are three main settings in the game which are in a boat (where most things will happen), a glacier and a trip back to the past in some building. You'll be playing the game episode by episode, which somehow gives you the time to rest (especially if you have the 3D switched on most of the time). There's also a grading system upon completing each episode.

From time to time you'll be changing characters alongside their partners which include Jill and her partner Parker, Chris and Jessica and some other two guys.

Each character not only differ in appearance but also in skills. The most obvious difference perhaps is their sub weapons where Jill holds a knife while Parker holds an axe for example. Drawing a knife never looked so cool. Thrusting on a wall for example temporarily pushes Jill back. Just like with weapons, you can move around with your knife and subweapon drawn.

There are various weapons that you can get in the game and thankfully, you no longer have to switch to the weapons screen in order to change weapons. By simply pressing the right direction arrow, you can scan through the different weapons that you have. You can apply the same technique for sub weapons. You can also use the lower touchscreen if you want to change quickly and to something specific. Using medicinal herbs works just the same, and in this case you only get to use one kind of recovery item, no more mixing green, yellow, red and blue herbs.

Resident Evil Revelations KeithResident Evil Revelations Invisible EnemyResident Evil Revelations Jill vs BOWResident Evil Revelations Opening Locked DoorResident Evil Revelations Jill Knocked DownResident Evil Revelations Chris and JillResident Evil Revelations Raid Mode

Items can be picked up as you go, some items are hidden so you'll have to make frequent use of the genesis scanner which is another new key element of the game (item scanning). When you get near an item, a round callout shows on the screen to tell you which button to press to pickup the item.

Puzzle solving is one big element here in Resident Evil Revelations. Puzzles would almost always involve the lower touchscreen, fixing electrical wirings in the form of orbs with lines connecting to each other. It gives a reasonable amount of challenge to everyone but not to the point where you'd be banging your head against the wall.

Since the settings happen in the boat, don't be surprised to get an under-water adventure. Some scenarios are also time-pressured so you need to hurry in certain situations. Luckily, the game somehow always starts the game at the nearest checkpoint so you won't have to worry too much on starting over again.

Resident Evil: Revelations has a lot of twist in its plot, and is one of the reasons why it's very hard to put down the 3DS once you've started playing. Capcom promised to bring back the feeling of "fear" in this game which is a key element that has gone missing for a number of installments prior to this game. Capcom has successfully delivered that feeling, add to that the intense background music and dialog from characters including the main ones and enemies being transformed into a monster.

Another interesting feature of this game is the Raid Mode which is like the Mercenaries mode in previous Resident Evil titles but mostly involve going from point A to B. You'll be able to play through different characters, but you wouldn't have a partner as you would in the campaign mode. There are various weapons to collect and different missions to beat in the game. Because of the high replay value that this mode produce,  Resident Evil: Revelations makes such a money bang!

You have the option to go solo (offline) or with a partner through Internet connection. Each player moves independently of one another. For every mission you complete you earn a corresponding BP or Battle Points which you can use to buy weapons, herbs or ammo or  choose to upgrade your existing weapons. Enemies in raid mode vary in difficulty so you could be fighting enemies that are far stronger and faster than they are in the campaign mode. The Streetpass feature is also supported in the game in form of missions. Missions are tasks that you have to do in raid mode.

The Verdict

Capcom continues to make the impression of creating very good 3DS games such as Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. Resident Evil: Revelations is definitely one heck of a masterpiece that could really make a 3DS gamer hungry for more and those who don't own the system die in envy.

Rating for Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS)
Fun Factor:
Game Info:Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Capcom
Release Date: 02/07/2012
Price: $39.99 (Buy It)
Rating: M Mature
No. of players: 2 (co-op)
Internet: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
The Good
  • Incredible graphics that works well with the 3D turned on or off
  • Excellent storyline in Campaign Mode
  • Superb Gameplay
  • Big character roster in Raid Mode
  • Effective use of the touchscren controls
  • Good support for local and internet co-op play
The Bad
  • Sometimes lag during elevator scenes
  • Characters don't open their mouth when speaking
  • No option to turn off blood
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