Nintendo 3DS XL (3DS LL) Revealed

NIntendo 3DS XL LL
In the recent Nintendo Direct conference held in Japan, Satoru Iwata revealed that there will be a Nintendo 3DS XL and will be officially called Nintendo 3DS LL.

For more than a year, 3DS owners complained about a very small 3D screen. The Vita on the other hand beats the 3DS screen for more than a double in size.

Nintendo 3DS XL LL ColorsNintendo 3DS LL LogoNintendo 3DS LL Size Measurement

With the 3DS XL, the bottom and top screens are now bigger and wider. The new model also has a more curvy look. The 3DS LL's screen is 4.8 inches wide diagonally which is 1.16inches wider than the original 3DS which is sized at 3.02 inches.

The new 3DS has the dimensions 93mm x 156mm x 22mm and will weight at 335g which is 101g heavier than the original 3DS which weighs at 235g.

Nintendo 3DS LL is priced at ‎¥18,900 and will be available for white, red x black and silver x black colors and will be released on July 28.

Unfortunately, there is still no second analog stick... So what do you guys think?


  1. I will buy one!

  2. I'm a little bit skeptic since there isn't a second analog nub added. Why would they choose to release this without a second analog nub?