Monster Hunter 4 Coming Spring Of 2013

Monster Hunter 4 Logo
In the recently concluded Capcom Summer Jam held in Odaiba, Japan, Capcom announced that Nintendo 3DS exclusive title Monster Hunter 4 will be released on the Spring of 2013.

The presentation featured a new plain or field to explore. Old monster like Rathian, Rathalos and Tigrex have also been spotted as well as a new ape-like monster with big claws.

Battle mechanics involved the Hunter jumping off a cliff and another climbing on the back of a monster to attack (thanks to Adriasang for the info). At the end of the video, a monster in silhouette has also been shown.

Below are "edited" camera shots taken from They seem to show some really vibrant colors!

You're setting the bar high, Capcom! We've got some very high expectations for this game. No announcement for a US release so far.
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Chickh3n said...

3DS fans should give up. PS Vita is way better than the 3DS!

Mario said...

How can that be?

Chickh3n said...

Run away Mario... Run away and never return!

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