Code of Princess 3DS US Announced (E3 2012)

Code of Princess US
Atlus had their share of some early E3 reveals and one of them is this catchy RPG for the 3DS called Code Of Princess (コード・オブ・プリンセス) and it will be reaching the US shores sometime in October this year.

The game resembles side-scrolling beat'em up games such as Streets of Rage but this is an RPG game so it has RPG elements such as leveling up your characters while you perform outrageous combos at your enemies.

The game features a story mode as well as a co-op mode. You can unlock characters in the story mode while rare items can be collected on the co-op mode. You can also battle against other players and the good thing here is you can do so locally or online through Nintendo Network.

Code of Princess characters has been designed by Kinu Nishimura who is recognized for involvement in Street Fighter (II, III and IV) character designs. Code of Princess also had on-board the Xenoblade music composer (if you played that game, you'll know that the music sounded great).

You can pre-order the game here and get the chance to get a Code of Princess CD Soundtrack and Visual Art Book included in the game.
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