Hori 3DS Charger Stand Review

Hori 3DS Charger Stand
If you're looking for a way to hold your 3DS in place while charging or playing, look no further than the Hori 3DS Charger Stand.

Available at Play-Asia for 12.99, the Hori 3DS charger stand gives you a stand and slidable dock. You can bend the stand to a reasonable angle (about 45 degrees), and it strongly holds the 3DS.

Hori 3DS Charger Stand Side
Hori 3DS Charger Stand Bottom

You can rest assure that the stand doesn't scratch your 3DS, just gently place your 3DS placing the front side first and then gently push the back downwards. Unfortunately, you can't use the stand with a crystal case on your 3DS as it would prove too big or too thick to fit in.

If you need to take away the stand and put it in your bag for example, you can slide the dock and the stand apart to save up space.

The material is fully made of plastic, it's light and very comfortable to use. The stand strongly holds its place so you wouldn't have to worry about your 3DS falling off.
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