Paint Park PS Vita Drawing App Released!

Paint Park PS Vita
A new PS Vita app has been added on the PlayStation Network library yesterday called Paint Park. Finally, the PS Vita gets to be a more creative device for players.

The app utilizes the Vita's wide and touchscreen controls to draw, doodle, sketch and scribble. There are only four stencils to choose from right now but it's fine nevertheless.

Even better, the app comes absolutely for free! All you have to do is open the PlayStation store app on your Vita with an Internet connection and download. The app is rated PEGI 3 and is available for download at 349MB.

I must say that this is a pretty good start for the Vita. We're sure that more and much better PS Vita apps will come in the future. Well don't forget to tell us what you think of this new Vita app by leaving a comment below!
5 comments Discuss in forums Posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Anonymous said...

From where can I download it , I cannot find it on PSN.

Orbis Vita said...

It's currently for the AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ PlayStation Store.

Anonymous said...

When will it be on EU Store ?

Will there be available a netflix and musib unlimited app for Eu ?

Vita Vibe said...

Have you guys tried checking the apps section?

Anonymous said...

ON PSN you mean ? Or on the PS Store.

I cant fint it.

Anyone knows when will the app be released in Eu ?

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