PSN Card For PS Vita Buying Guide

PSN Card
The PSN Card (or PlayStation Network Card) is a universal prepaid card used by the PS Vita to add funds to the PlayStation Store.

Loading a PSN Card to your PlayStation Network Account gives you the power to buy games exclusive to each platform. You can also buy DLC (Downloadable Content) features such as added characters, extra levels and other cool stuff  in addition to the full game that you bought (depending on the game). The fun doesn't end there, you can also buy videos and other paid content (available videos might depend on your location or region).

PSN Cards are available for two types of denominations including a $20 and $50 denomination for US Networks (or PSN Account). You should consider the region of your PSN account when buying and redeeming points or you may end up wasting money for something you bought but cannot use.

If you can't use your credit card to purchase, you can buy a PSN Card digitally from Play-Asia ($20$50) and you'll receive the code almost instantly. We guarantee you that it will be hassle-free.

For Vita users, to add funds using the card just click on the ellipsis "..." and click on redeem code. Enter the serial number or license information your got from Play-Asia and that shoud do it.

Alternately, you can click "buy" on the game that you're interested in. If you don't have store credits then you'll be asked to add funds, just click on "add funds to wallet".

On the final note, it doesn't really matter which device you use (PSP, Vita, PS3 or PC). As long as it has a PlayStation Store, you can use PSN Card that you bought. If you're a Vita user and can't decide on which game to buy, you can check out "Escape Plan" which is currently the most downloaded PSN Game for Vita as of the time of this writing.

Well we'd like to hear how it goes with your purchase. Please get back to us and leave a comment below if you happen to decide on buying. Check out the Vita products section in the future for more buying guides.


  1. Hello sir , does play-asia ships here in saudi arabia?

  2. I'm not really sure, I think they do. What I'm sure is that you can rely on their digital delivery, and that should work virtually anywhere.