Nintendo 3DS Stylus Buying Guide

Nintendo 3DS Stylus Leash by Irodori
The Nintendo 3DS Stylus is a nice piece of accessory that comes with the package. It's slim (easy to grip), retractable and  during the first year that I've used it, it never rusted or even dented.

A 3DS owner simply can't live without his stylus, no, not for a long time. And so, that is exactly what happened to me during my travel in one country, I lost my Stylus. Because of this, I figured that Nintendo missed one tiny bit of accessory, an attachment string or a leash.

You see, the Stylus slot can get a little loose as time pass by. With an attachment string, you can always make sure that your Stylus is with your 3DS all the time.

I needed to find a stylus that had an attachment string, but also did not alienate my experience with the original stylus. I happen to find this Touch Pen Leash 3DS by Irodori which is very nice for only US$ 6.99. You can also opt for the more popular brand which is Hori,but I feel more at home with Irodiri. It's built specifically for the 3DS so you don't need to worry if it would fit in the stylus hole.

And if you're really trying to be cheap, here is a really cheap one for you for only US$ 3.99. It's also metallic and retractable but also comes with two stylus (a plastic and a copper which can extend up to 110mm).

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