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Pyramids 3DS eShop
Pyramids is a platform and puzzle game for the 3DS available through the Nintendo eShop. You may be able to relate it to the game Solomon's key back in the NES days, except that this comes with better graphics and 3D!

The basic concept is to collect treasures, get a cross (an Egyptian Ankh to be precise), and finish the level as fast as you can while avoiding traps. You can create and destroy blocks which will help you go over traps or reach certain areas.

The controls are very basic... Move left, right, jump, build/destroy a block, and in some cases, enemies like snakes will get in your way and you can kill them by either dropping them on the ground or shooting them with your gun. On some levels, dynamites are also set in place, but more to help you solve the level than to take out enemies. The game makes very good use of the touch screen controls, but mainly only to navigate around the menu.

There are six worlds to complete and each world consists of nine levels. You need to complete the minimum number of stars (which is basically how well you did in completing a level) for each world in order to unlock the next world/level.

Power ups doesn't seem big in this game and I can't seem to remember any other than being able to freeze enemies, and that's just on one level. If you want to get the three (3) stars, you will need to complete the level fast and also get the bonus items. If you ever get trapped or frustrated, you can restart the level or just skip to another one you haven't completed (or you have but got  only a few stars)

The graphics is basically 2D, mixed with some nice 3D background. This combination really makes for a really good 3D effect. The 3D depth can be adjusted according to your tolerance, but even with the slider at full the game is still very much enjoyable.

Lastly, you can scan QR codes which you can find on their Facebook page (tip, you can point your 3DS camera to your computer screen to scan a QR code). Scanning QR codes will unlock additional (and secret) levels that you won't find on the six worlds.

For $3.99 you will get a fun and enjoyable game. The extensive content is definitely something worth every penny that you'll spend in this game. Add the fantastic support for 3D and challenging gameplay, you'd be glad you bought a 3DS playing this game!

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