3DS Getting Demos and DLC

Nintendo eShop
In Nintendo's Semi-Annual Financial Results Briefing, the company revealed several things that are to come to 3DS owners. They are apparently giving focus to the digital market, most notably the ability to download demos and DLC (Downloadable Content).

Find Mii (3DS) Cheats And Hints

Find Mii Ghosts
Find Mii is a mini-game and part of StreetPass Mii Plaza where your Mii and other people's Mii meet and exchange data through the Nintendo 3DS's StreetPass feature.

Find Mii Guide (Nintendo 3DS)

Find Mii 3DS
Find Mii is a built-in minigame for Nintendo Wii's Mii Plaza. It's one of those things that showcases the 3DS's connectivity. Your Mii, the character you created is kidnapped by unkown ghosts! You have to rescue him by hiring heroes or getting help from people that you meet through Street Pass. This is more of a guide on how to play the game and not a walkthrough. I hope you enjoy playing this game as I have!

3D Classics TwinBee Review (3DS)

3D Classics Twinbee
3D Classics TwinBee is the fourth installment in the 3D Classics Series. It's a classic vertical shooter from Konami that was published back in 1986 (only in Japan).

PS Vita Release Date Announced

PS Vita
The PS Vita Release date has been officially announced by Sony. It will hit the North American, Australian, Latin, and Europe markets on February 22, 2012.

Hellokids - Vol 1 Coloring and Painting! Review (3DS, DSiWare)

Hellokids - Vol 1 Coloring and Painting!
Are you looking for a drawing game for DS or 3DS? I've been longing to get one that would allow me to draw in full colors and I got one that costs no more than $2. It's Hellokids  - Vol 1 Coloring and Painting!

Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case

Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case - Hori
While the Nintendo 3DS uses very small game cards to play games, it eventually becomes a necessity to bring along with you all the games that you could carry. Having a Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case becomes a must and it's good that PlayAsia is selling them cheap and high quality

Shinobi StreetPass Trailer Reveals More Fun!

Shinobi StreetPass Trailer
The latest Shinobi for 3DS trailer shows some exciting features. Just like most Nintendo 3DS games that has already been released, it would make use of the StreetPass feature and some unlockables.