Swapnote For 3DS (eShop) is Fun!

Swapnote 3DS
The much awaited Swapnote application for the 3DS has finally arrived! Click on the jump to know more about the app and how to download!

Yesterday, I download an update from Nintendo which I thought would contain the Swapnote feature. However, it turns out to be a separate download application. The app costs $0, and consumes only 79 blocks on the SD Card.

How To Download Swapnote

  • Go to the Nintendo eShop
  • Look for the Swapnote Application (hint: icon with green arrow)
  • Click on "Tap Here To Download"
  • Choose Download Now or Download Later
Take note that if you choose to ""Download Later", you will have to put your 3DS in sleep mode by closing the lid.

Alright, let's have a short tour of the app. Swapnote basically allows me to send messages to friends, and it's not just typed-written words... I can send actual handwriting words! Even more, I can draw and put the finest details I want to send with my message. 

Music plays while using the app, it makes the app really fun to use! There's a short tutorial on how to use the app when you open the app.

As I use the app more, I discover that it's not only limited to sending messages... You can include drawings (as I already pointed out), photos, and audio recordings. Swapnote also supports the spotpass feature.

More on the Spotpass feature... You can receive messages from , promotional messages and ads from Nintendo and Nintendo partners.

The first messages you'll receive comes from Nintendo, mostly containing tutorials. The app has a very slick and fun looking user interface.You can compose up to four (4) pages of message.

Sad thing is that there's no "clear all" feature yet, maybe that would come in future updates. There's only black and white pen to use and an eraser. It's not a full blown drawing app just so you know, it's a messaging system in essence.

You have ti save your note first before you can send it via spotpass or streetpass. When your friends receive your message, they'll receive it exactly how you've written it (that's right, even mimicking your strokes!).  You can favorite a message that you love to send, you can check on the details of a message you composed such as who you sent the message(s) to. Finally, when you decide to send the message you get to choose whether to send via Spotpass or Streetpass.

Sending via Spotpass allows you to choose from among your friends. You can send to multiple recipients. For Spotpass, you don't really get to choose who to send messages to... Basically, everyone in Spotpass receives your message via the Swapnote application.

Not all features are unlocked by default. You will have to play with the basic features first in order to unlock features such as attaching a photo, changing your stationary (the background you write into)

Well, it's only a matter of time before we start receiving SPAM messages! For now, download the app and get into the fun!
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