Freakyforms Is Next On 3DS eShop

Freakyforms 3DS
Freakyforms is another game coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop (that falls under the 3D category) this month that would stir up your imagination. Make your own creations come to life!

The game is perhaps the first game published and developed  by Nintendo themselves on the eShop. The game basically allows you to create your own creatures called Formees. You're given a drawing board and you need to put part things together to create your creature. The parts are interchangeable and resizable.

Once you've finished assembling your formees, it can start interacting with its environment like taking a walk, eat, lay eggs, play mini games and even interact with other formees!

Freakyforms also makes heavy use of the StreetPass feature, something that Nintendo seem to have focused more on than the 3D effect this time. You can trade or collect Formees through StreetPass or by QR code images.

Freakyforms release date is on November 10, 2011 and will be available for $6.99. Check here on how to get a Nintendo 3DS Prepaid Card.
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