Hellokids - Vol 1 Coloring and Painting! Review (3DS, DSiWare)

Hellokids - Vol 1 Coloring and Painting!
Are you looking for a drawing game for DS or 3DS? I've been longing to get one that would allow me to draw in full colors and I got one that costs no more than $2. It's Hellokids  - Vol 1 Coloring and Painting!

Hellokids - Vol 1 Coloring and Painting allows you to create artworks on 4 different profiles. You can type your name, and draw your own avatar. You can also choose whether to use the app left-handed or right-handed. You will notice how the placement of the user interface changes depending on the hand orientation that you chose. Once you've created your profile you can choose to color, draw or check out the Hellokids album which contains all the artwork that you saved before.

The basic stuff, drawing. Drawing allows you to draw freehand or draw on a photo. You can choose to load a photo from your album or take a picture using the DSi or 3DS camera. If you decide to load a photo and draw on it, remember that you cannot erase the lines and colors that are already in there.

Let's explore more on the freehand drawing. Hellokids - Vol 1 Coloring and Painting makes very accurate and good use of the stylus. You can set the pencil size, the radius differing from 1 to 10. You'll have a fill tool, an eraser, and of course, a color selection. You can also put decorations and choose from already existing pictures such as eyeglasses, lips, mouth, mustache if you want to make fun of your pictures (really fun to use on a real photo).


The canvas size is not limited to the DSi or 3DS screen. You are to draw on the bottom screen, but the screen is only focused on one small block of the screen so you'll be able to make a larger picture which you otherwise wouldn't be able to do with the 3DS notes. You can toggle the toolbar at any time, choose to save your game, quit or restart from the beginning.

Coloring is set on three dificulty levels: easy, medium and hard. Each vary on the level of detail that you have to color. You can choose from a variety of different drawings, choose anything that soothes your taste or your kids will love. A very cool feature in coloring is that the game actually makes it very hard to miss the lines. It's very easy to use, yet so enjoyable even for a grown up like myself.

On the Hellokids - Vol 1 Coloring and Painting main menu when you're still choosing stuff to do, a beautifully composed music plays. It's very relaxing even just listening to the music. You can of course turn it off at anytime. Unfortunately, there is no music while drawing or coloring. And also while the sound effects are nice, the sound does not accurately rhyme with the pen stroke.

It's a very simple game that gave a very simple answer to my need (i.e. to have a drawing game for 3DS). At $1.99, it's a good and satisfying purchase that I would recommend to all DSi or 3DS owners. To buy this game, you will need to have some eShop credits which you can have by loading with a Nintendo 3DS Prepaid Card.

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