Find Mii (3DS) Cheats And Hints

Find Mii Ghosts
Find Mii is a mini-game and part of StreetPass Mii Plaza where your Mii and other people's Mii meet and exchange data through the Nintendo 3DS's StreetPass feature.

Find Mii Hats List

You will have to place the game twice in order to collect all the hats. It's not possible to collect them with just one pass.
  • Mario's Cap
  • Luigi's Cap
  • Toad Hat (mushroom hat)
  • Bowser Hat
  • Red Pikmin Hat
  • Blue Pikmin Hat
  • Yellow Pikmin Hat
  • Link's Cap
  • Samus's Helmet
  • Metroid Hat
  • Kirby Hat
  • Cat Ears
  • Dog Ears
  • Bunny Ears
  • Crown
  • Ultimate Hat
Find Mii 2 Hat List
  • This section is currently under construction
Magic List
  • Pink - Fills heroes with daring (CRITICAL Hit for every successful attack)
  • Orange - Invigorate (moral boost). Gives additional turn to attack (3 + 1)
  • White - Bathes area with light, useful once you reached the dark room
  • Red - Attack all enemies with fire magic spell, unblockable
  • Yellow - Creates a sandstorm decreasing your attack accuracy. In turn though, you have a higher chance of landing a critical hit.
  • Brown - Summons a wandering hero which can be stronger or weaker than the hero who summoned it. The color of the hero is also random
  • Black - Covers area in darkness. Basically hides you from the enemy and give you extra turn to attack until the magic wears off or the enemy just sees you.
Find Mii Cheats
  • Hold the R button to increase the speed of the game.
  • You can only earn a maximum or 10 coins a day. To get around this, set your time to 23:59 and you will be promoted to the next day and your steps would reset! Means another 10 coins for the day! You can do this over and over again. Going back to a previous date does not erase your previous steps though...
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