Spirit Photo - A Fatal Frame 3DS Spinoff

Spirit Photo - Fatal Frame 3DS Spinoff
From TECMO and the makers of the Fatal Frame series which was a hit horror game that started on the PS2 comes a Nintendo 3DS game that would scare the hell out of you. Shinrei Shashin or Spirit Photo is a spin-off of the Fatal Frame game.

Spirit Phot for 3DS will utilize the Nintendo 3DS camera to take pictures of ghosts. The game would also be bundled with an AR notebook (a horror notebook) that would reveal horrific things using the Nintendo 3DS camera. You'll be attempting to solve the mystery of the purple diary (i.e. the AR notebook) along with a girl.

Spirit Photo will feature the following game modes:

Story - You'll be working with a girl and solve the mystery of a purple notebook.

Mini Game - Play mini games using the AR notebook

Ghost Camera - Take pictures of spirits and make them fight with other spirits.

There has never been a Fatal Frame game released for Nintendo in the US so far (Fatal Frame IV was released on the Wii for Japan). We sure hope that this one gets localized and make Nintendo 3DS fans happy. There is currently no release date announced for Shinrei Camera.
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