PS Vita Is Region Free

PS Vita
DANG! It hit me today that my loyalty might actually be shifted towards Sony as they announced that the PS Vita will be region free!

The news about the PS Vita being region free came from Shuhei Yoshida (Sony Computer Entertainment president of Worldwide Studios) in a conversation through twitter.

lonelypessimist Ray @yosp is it confirmed yet if vita is region free?
Shuhei Yoshida@lonelypessimist Yes, it is.

There are a few games that I don't mind playing in any language other than English. I love Japanese games, and Super Robot Wars and the like are the type of games that I don't mind importing.

This sure opens some advantage on the part of PS Vita. This is one thing I don't understand about Nintendo, can someone please explain to me why they region locked the 3DS?

The PS Vita will be coming to Japan stores come December 17, 2011.
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