Bravely Default : Flying Fairy 3DS Upcoming Game

Bravely Default Flying Fairy
Bravely Default : Flying Fairy is one of the games that caught wide attention during the recently concluded TGS (Tokyo Game Show). Was it the girl cover? Or was it because it's one of the few promising JRPG's to be released for the Nintendo 3DS?

The game is being developed and will be published by Square Enix. So I guess that would explain the reason why... Aside from the cute visuals that was shown during the game show, the game is coming from a well respected company in the industry.

The game will feature a turn based battle system as well as a random encounter system found in most JRPG's. Bravely Default will also have some sort of job system. There will be four characters in the game, one of them is the girl featured in the main image in this post.

I personally feel very excited for the game. It looks like most old school RPG's of which I played a lot of when I was growing up. Bravely Default : Flying Fairy will be release date has not be announced yet and we can expect it sometime next year (2012).

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  1. Where the hell is it! It's already 2013!! :(