3DS 3D Video Capture Coming November

3DS 3D
A 3DS 3D Video Capture feature will be coming to your systems this November. The 3DS update will also add more content to the StreetPass Mii Plaza.

Nintendo Of America announced on their twitter page:

"Mr. Iwata announces a Nintendo #3DS system update in Nov. that will add 3D video capture to Nintendo #3DS camera. #3DSconf2011"

This has also been followed by this:

"Nintendo #3DS Nov. system update will also add more content to StreetPass Mii Plaza. #3DSconf2011"

Well how cool is that? I've been wondering for a while why Nintendo did not put any video capture feature to the system. However, I was very sure that it was possible through a software update. I'm also an avid player of the StreetPass Mii Plaza and I got to say that I'm quite hooked to it so improvements is very much desirable here.

Well I can't wait for November to try this 3DS 3D Video Capture! Perhaps Nintendo will release it a day or two earlier like they've done a few times in the past? So how is this making you interested to buy a 3DS?
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