Tekken 3D Prime Edition Is Your First Tekken 3DS Game!

Tekken 3D Prime Edition
A Tekken game is coming its way to the 3DS! This is so far the second Tekken game that will grace a Nintendo platform in history, Tekken Advance for the Game Boy Advance being the first one. The game will be called Tekken 3D Prime Edition.

The initial character roster shown so far is consists of Asuka, Ling Xiaoyu, Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima, Bryan, Alisa, and Lili. The game will be bundled with the Tekken Blood Vengeance movie (probably, also in 3D?).

A game and a movie in one... That ain't so bad... What I'm excited to see is how the frame rate would go.   As I have seen on other fighting games that has already been released on the 3DS, the frame rate usually drops when the 3D is turned on. I heard some rumors that this game will be running on 60FPS even on 3D mode? But that's just a rumor, though would still be nice to have.

Well, Tekken already looked good on the PS2 and PSP. The 3DS is a hell lot of a powerful machine so I have high expectations of this game. I certainly won't mind if it turns out a little toned down compared to PS3 or XBox 360 version such as what happened in Super Street Fighter IV : 3D Edition, as long as the frame rate is acceptable and the character models look good.

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