The Hidden 3DS Ghost Hunting AR Game

The Hidden 3DS
So far, the 3DS's AR (Augmented Reality) feature has been used very little to play games. So far, the only game that I know which uses it is the 3DS's built-in games called AR game (which required an AR card) as well Face Raiders (which only required the camera and some space to move around). Majesco Entertainment took an interest and decides to take things further with their upcoming AR game called The Hidden.

You are part of an elite squad called GEIST (Ghostly Entity Investigation and Strike Team)  whose aim is to vanquish evil spirits that threaten mankind.

In the game, you will be able to scan, detect and kill ghosts using the 3DS camera. There will be boss battles, each would differ and would require some adjustments on your strategy. There are 6 different paranormal entities which you can battle with your high tech tools and weapons.

The Hidden 3DS AR Game

The Hidden will have 12 unique missions (with sub missions). You will be able to (or rather, have to) revisit the areas that you've been in as they could be re-infested even after you cleaned them up. You can capture pictures with the 3DS camera and you will have a log for your discoveries as well as a map of the areas you have been.

The Hidden 3DS AR Game is being developed by 1st Playable Productions and to be published by Majesco Entertainment who is behind the publishing of the recent PSN and XBLA hit game Bloodrayne Betrayal. The Hidden Release date is sometime in October, 2011.


  1. This game looks promising... after it gets release i'm gonna look for gameplay vids and buy it if it's really good.

  2. Definitely an interesting game for the 3DS, yes. It's also good that they don't seem to focus too much on the 3D but decided to explore on the 3DS's other features such as the camera.

  3. The game is not launched in October so then it'll probably be released in November or December maybe.

  4. I said wrong.Soory.
    The game is released in the USA on October 25. but not in EUR yet.

  5. Worst game ever. Picked it up and returned it in a day . Realy gave it a chance but for the most part you're waiting "walking about" for something , anything to happen. I walk around my niegbhorhood for 20 min waiting for a goast to apeer . and when you final get something to happen the game play is well just lame . It makes goast busters for the NES look like the greatest goast game ever. The only way to advance the game is by getting a different wifi signal/hot spot .