Nintendo 3DS Prepaid Card For eShop

Nintendo 3DS Prepaid Card
A lot of 3DS eShop games have been coming out lately which means that getting a Nintendo 3DS Prepaid Card becomes a tight necessity for the dedicated 3DS gamer. However, we've been looking into shops that sold this thing online and we could hardly find one. Not Amazon, not eBay, not Best Buy.

But guess what? We finally found an online store that that sell Nintendo 3ds Prepaid Cards! It's about $7.90 more than the $20 original price but if you plan on buying more than one game on the eShop then this should be OK. You can check it right here.

Please take note that the prepaid card is compatible with Nintendo 3DS US version only. Also, if you live outside the US then you can set your 3DS eShop account to a state that doesn't charge taxes so you'll have a lot more value for your money.


  1. I want to play 3D Classics: Xevious and other small games on eshop so I'll try this out. I Hope they will sell Nintento Prepaid cards locally here in our country...

  2. Sweet. PlayAsia delivered my 3ds prepaid card code instantly!

  3. I add your friend code JV