Megaman Legends 3 Cancelled

Megaman Legends 3
Ugh! That's the first thing I felt when I heard this message! It's can't be true... no... no! But unfortunately, Megaman Legends 3 which was supposed to be released for the 3DS has been cancelled.

Capcom announced June 18, 2011 through their website that they are cancelling the project. Megaman Legends 3 is one of the most anticipated game for the 3DS. Now that it's cancelled and with lots of fans disappointed, this could significantly impact the 3DS sales.

Excerpt from Capcom's announcement:

"From the outset the MML3 Project was intended to give gamers across the world insight and input into the development process. Part of this process includes an assessment of whether the title will go into full production, and is based on a number of criteria with input from different sectors of the company.

Unfortunately it was not felt that the Mega Man Legends 3 Project met the required criteria, and it is with regret that we must announce that the Mega Man Legends 3 Project has been cancelled, meaning that Capcom will not be releasing the Prototype or the full game. Additionally, updates of the Mega Man Legends Developer Room will cease as of today, though the North American Developer Room and its forums will remain open indefinitely."

Capcom, be quick and come up with something good to make us feel better. Check out the full announcement from Capcom here.
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