Beyond The Labyrinth — A 3DS Upcoming Dungeon RPG

Beyond The Labyrinth
Finally, after a few months we will finally get a (what seems to be) decent RPG for the 3DS! Beyond The Labyrinth (ラビリンスの彼方) is an upcoming RPG game for the Nintendo 3DS by Tri-Ace and to be published by Konami.

It's actually been announced last April and just recently, they've released more Screenshots.html. The main character would appear to be an girl (uncomfirmed, they say the story revolves around her) who is still unnamed at this point.

Beyond The Labyrinth 3DS Famitsu Screenshot

Early information would tell that the gameplay will involve 3D dungeon exploration. Instead of dark, shaded caverns that one would expect from the word "dungeon" however, Tri-Ace CEO Yoshiharu Gotanda said that the game world will be bright (and it seems to show based on the Screenshots.html).

Tri-Ace is the same developer that worked on the popular RPG series, Star Ocean. There is no actual release date yet.

You can download the Beyond The Labyrinth 3D Screenshots.html here for viewing on your Nintendo 3DS System. Visit the Official Beyond The Labyrinth Website (Japanese) here.
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Migoy said...

Nintendo probably won't localize this one either >:(

Nintendo Nerd said...

But it should be up to triace to localize, right?

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