Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition Review

Street Fighter 4 3D Edition
One of the first AAA game to hit the 3DS is Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, and how does it come to deliver? Very shortly after the PSN Outage a few weeks ago, a lot of my friends who play SSF IV on the PS3 bought a Nintendo 3DS just to play this game, and they seem quite satisfied. Let's find out what's keeping them.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition gives a wide selection of characters. By wide, we mean REALLY wide as you get 35 unique characters all in all. You can check the character list below.

When you select a character, you'll be prompted select one of two ultra combo that you can use in battle. Each character has 3 different costumes, one original and two alternate costumes. You are also free to vary in color and there are at least 10 colors available for each character. You can customize their personal action, and even change their win quotations... All these, before you start a fight.

There are six (6) battle modes in game. They are arcade mode, versus, 3D versus, Internet Match, Challenge and of course, Training.

Arcade Mode - This is basically the story mode of the game. Upon selecting a character, you'll have a short cinematic in anime style (but not animated) telling something about the story of the character. You then have to face up to eight (8) different opponents, including a rival (e.g. Ryu vs Ken) and then at the end, you have to defeat Seth, the final boss. After beating the game, you'll be shown the game ending for your character... Sadly, there is no feature to replay your the movies.

Versus Mode - There are 5 sub modes here, player vs player which allows you to battle over local wireless, player vs CPU which is quite obvious, CPU vs CPU which is quite useful to learn a few things like how to counter a certain character, strategies that you wouldn't otherwise know are done by the CPU sometimes, Channel Live which makes you a spectator between two other players over local wireless and Download Play which allows a fellow 3DS user to battle with you even when he doesn't have the game, but only Ryu can be played.

3D Versus - Basically the same as above, just omit the channel live and download play. And here is the BIG difference, it allows you to view your character over the shoulder. Almost in first person (or maybe it's in 3rd person). I believe that this is the first time that this feature has been introduced in the series.

Internet Match - Versus and 3D versus is available in this mode. You can enter quick match, create a custom match or enter a friend match. Custom match allows you to set the number of rounds, time, region, skill level and control type. Be weary of making people  borrow your 3DS and play online, there is a point system involved hahaha!

Challenge - The challenge mode is composed of three sub modes. The trial mode which requires you to complete a series of combo or move trials for each character and the other two is the re-incarnation of the two classic bonus stages, the car crusher and barrel buster.

Training - To increase your chances of winning, either online or if you're receiving too many b***-kicking from the CPU then the training mode is there for you. You can select characters as you do in any of the other modes, and one good thing here is you can program your dummy to do specific things even to record certain moves for about 10 seconds so you can practice on specific scenarios.

Now, let's move on to something that I'm sure you're very curious about... The graphics! There's so much to say about this one. First off, I'd really commend about how good the character models look.

Ryu - Street Fighter 4 3D EditionStreet Fighter 4 3D GameplayStreet Fighter 4 3DS - Ryu vs MakotoRyu Closeup - Street Fighter 4 3D EditionStreet Fighter 4 3D VersusStreet Fighter 4 3D Character Select

The framerate is also very good, animations are smooth, and the close-up animations when you do an ultra combo is the same as the console counter-parts. It's not 100% as good as the console versions (PS4 and XBox 360), for example... I quickly noticed that there was a lack of movement in the background, like the people are just standing and not moving at all! I especially noticed this on the lava stage, where the lava wasn't moving and my eyes were pretty quick to notice.

And because the 3DS isn't in Full HD at all, the graphics can be a bit blurred compared to its console counterpart. For the most part though, I'm surprised at the level of detail that the graphics has to offer.

There are two mode of controls and they both utilize the touchscreen. You will have to set Lite or Pro control for each character. The Lite is the default and basically allows you to execute complex moves with a click of a button on the touchscreen. You can easily do a hadouken or Shoryuken for example and even Hyper Combos.

The PRO mode on the other hand is a little less forgiving as you have to execute the character moves as they should be executed, but the touchscreen still offers a little help as you can easily press throw, PPP (triple punch), KKK (triple kick) or Focus attack with a click of a button.

One thing that I didn't like and I think somehow breaks a lot of strategies is the introduction of the autoblock feature. With this turned on, you only get temporary invincibility. You can be a little care-free with unexpected moves from your enemy and unless you get hit from an open move such as after you perform a Shoryuken or you get thrown, then the hits that you received before aren't converted into a real damage.

This is a special feature that allows you to collect virtual figures. You buy figures using Figure Points (FP) and you can buy Figure Points using Play Coins that you earned while talking with your 3DS device.

Figures are used to battle wirelessly using Street Pass. You will see your figures (your team) and your enemy's figures clash. You will notice that these figures have a level and stats.

Rating for Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition
Fun Factor:
Game Info:Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Release Date: 03/27/2011
Price: $39.99 (Buy It)
Rating: T (Teen)
No. of players: 2
The Good
  • Big character roster
  • Great online play
  • Decent graphics
  • 60FPS with 3D turned off
  • Beginner-friendly controls
  • Pro-only filter available online
The Bad
  • Only 30FPS in 3D Mode
  • Static background (no animation)

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