Win A Free Nintendo Wii Game! Free Jam City Rollergirls!

Jam City Rollergirls Free

We're giving away a Free Nintendo Wii Game courtesy of Frozen Codebase! If you remember our previously featured game called Jam City Rollergirls then we're sure you're very excited to get this game! Read on to know the rules!

Alright, you must be very excited! So we are! The winner will get a code to download Jam City Rollergirls from Nintendo Wii Shop Channel (since this is a Nintendo Wiiware game).

The rules are simple:

2. Check out the roller girls mentioned on either the Jam Ciy Rollergirls website or the Jam City Rollergirls Facebook page if you don't already know one!
3. Go back to our (Game Rumble) Facebook wall and post a comment here answering the question "Who is your best female roller derby player"?
4. We will pick a random winner! I (Lamia) will directly contact (message) the winner through facebook.


That's it! And you can be the one to own the very first ever Roller Derby game for the Nintendo Wii!

This promo will last until February 13, 2011 Manila Time! Join now!

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