Jam City Rollergirls Wii Coming January 24, 2011

Jam City Rollergirls Wii

Jam City Rollergirls is the first roller derby game exclusively built for the Nintendo Wii and is available as download only via Nintendo WiiWare for 1000 Wii Points (which should be somewhere around $10).

Jam City Rollergirls Gameplay

Jam Rollergirls will be available for download this coming January 24, 2010. Frozen Codebase, an independent video game studio and the proud makers of this game says that the game is based on real-life roller derby teams such as the Texecutioners, Rat City Rollergirls, and many more.

The game also feature real-life superstars of the game such as Mouse of Mad Rollin' Dolls, different venues to play (battle) on such as sewers (skating in sewers!?), barns and churches. And it wouldn't be as fun if the game didn't include power ups!

Jam City Rollergirls Powerup

For more info about this game please visit the Jam City Rollergirls website at  www.jamcityrollergirls.com or visit Frozen Codebase at www.frozencodebase.com.

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