Dead or Alive: Dimensions Screenshots

Dead or Alive: Dimensions - Ayane
Dead or Alive: Dimensions is one of the early games revealed for the 3DS. Dead or Alive is a long running fighting game series by Team Ninja. The game debuted in March 1998 in Japan and was well renowned for its unique characteristic of having female characters with bouncing breasts

Super Robot Taisen L Coming November 5 2010

Super Robot Wars L | スーパーロボット大戰L
A new Super Robot Wars game developed by Banpresto and published by Bandai Namco Games is on its way to the Nintendo DS. The new game is called Super Robot Wars L (スーパーロボット大戰 L), a tactical game where you arrange robots in a grid-like environment, place them next to each other and battle each other. Special animations appear for each robot that makes an attack.

Nintendo 3ds Release Date, Price And A Few More Details Revealed

Nintendo 3DS Handheld
The Nintendo 3DS finally gets a Release Date! It has been revealed that February 2011 is the target date for  Nintendo's new handheld for Japan and March 2011 for North America.