Firecraft iPhone Game - Another Game From Games2Be

Firecraft iPhone Game

Firecraft comes from the developers of our recent facebook game review, Spoing. Firecraft iPhone game allows you to build fireworks by combining bullets into a rocket and create stunning fireworks show.

FireCraft Fireworks Show

You can compose fireworks by combining thrust bullets, sparkle, glitter or explosive types. The bullets are also available in 10 different colors. A very interesting way to greet the new year, don't you think?

FireCraft Load Bullets

You can test your your rocket before you put it in for the show and experiment from limitless possibilities for creating unique fireworks. Firecraft also allows you to simulate fireworks in 6 different locations, and another good news for those who would like to try the game without the iPhone or iPod touch is that a firecraft online version is also available.

FireCraft Shop

You can play the online version at Lite is also available for the iPhone and iPod Touch and there's also a FireCraft HD for the iPad.

Games2Be is an independent Swiss game developer for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Facebook.
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