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Seoul, Korea - (December 6, 2010) - Two Aika Global in-game events is being brought to us by
T3Entertainment, Hanbisoft and Redbana Philippines. The two Aika events are called "The Lost Luck Chase" and "12 Days of Christmas" as well as a new map called the Mirza Air Garden.

In the Aika Lost Luck Chase, lucky magic coupons are scattered across the land of Lakia. These coupons are supposed to be used for celebration but instead of gathering the lost lucky magic coupons for Joanne Sutherland, Marks Rummenigge (her boyfriend) suggested an event for all Elters to participate an event and collect the coupons as finders-keepers. The coupons are scattered across all maps in PvP channels and the stronger monsters you fight in that map, the better items you get using the coupons.

Aside from the The Lost Luck Chase event, there is also this new map called the Mirza Air Garden and you can find the entrance to this dungeon in Ungor’s Forest: Altar of Ascension and by using the blue glowing hexagonal crystal to activate the dungeon. You have to be in a party with level 51 and above to access the dungeon.

And that's not all for the in-game events, from December 23, 2010 to January 6, 2011 random monsters will drop Santa caps as part of the Aika monster drop event.

Aika Facebook and Twitter Events

Ten lucky players who liked the AIKA Global Fan Page will receive precious items and when the fan page reaches 6000 fans, the admins will implement a 1 day modified experience for all levels. As for twitter, the same rules will apply once the aika twitter page reaches 500 followers.

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