Queens Blade Spiral Chaos | Queens Blade PSP First Impression

Queens Blade Spiral Chaos ( クイーンズブレイド )

Queens Blade ( クイーンズブレイド ) is a Japanese anime and a book game adapted to video game. Queens Blade Spiral Chaos is basically a strategy game similar to super robot wars where you arrange the characters on the screen and some cool (and sexy) animation will popup and you will see the girls battle in 2D animation and tear off clothes! Haaaa!

The game has been released for sometime... The Queens Blade Japanese Release Date was way back on December 17, 2009. Will we get a North American or US release? Well... Judging from the nudity content of the game and the low interest in the US market about games like this, it is very unlikely... But that's just our opinion. The odds are still of course with Bandai Namco Games.

Spiral Chaos Battle Animation

The Queens Blade Story is a battle among women to become the next queen. The PSP Game features unique queens blade characters including Cute, Jean, Dora, Lamica, Puia, Arane, and Cerate.

Queens Blade PSP Gameplay

Is Queens Blade Hentai game? While it might seem so because the game features nudity, we are inclined to believe that it's not. Spiral Chaos is a high quality game, especially if you watch the queens blade trailer on youtube. This is certainly a game that showcases the power of the PSP when it comes to 2D games! But really, it'll be very hard to explain to your girlfriend why you're playing this game...

What We Think:
  • Impressive animation
  • Interesting gameplay
  • *Interesting* character design


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