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Need For Speed Shift iPhone Game

Quite the inevitable for someone who would play in the iPhone is trying out the Need For Speed car racing game. Need For Speed Shift is a racing game for the iPhone by Electronic Arts. You can choose from a wide variety of cars to drive (20 cars to choose from)

subaru expreza wrx sti

NFS Shift is a racing game... Need I say more? Of course you do! What I like about this NFS iPhone game is that when you bump on the corner or you get off-track, you really get punished for that because you'll easily get left behind. So you really have to put a lot of control on your driving. Drifting is easy, but it doesn't really do much for me except when I want to get the drifting master badge, I seem to slow down a lot and my opponents catch up with me fast when I try to drift... Or maybe I'm just a poor driver.

 nfs shift drift

There are several modes available in the game. You can do a quick race and play in places you've already unlocked. When you go for the regular race you can choose if you want to build up on your career or multiplayer mode (WiFi or Bluetooth).

There are 3 difficulty levels that you can play, rookie, professional and expert. Or you can customize and turn off some features such as steering assist, transmission (auto or manual), auto break and racing line.

There are 4 career tier which you can play and 3 of them you have to unlock. They are Chicago, London, Tokyo and World Tour. Each tier have up to 7 career events. You can tune up your car at the My Cars option where you can upgrade you car's performance and visuals. In My Cars you can also buy new cars as well as sell your old ones.

mitsubishi lancer evolution

There are several badges that you can get in NFS Shift such as Drifting master, Clean Overtake Master, Clean Race Master and many more. In the driver profile you can also track ho many wins and losses you have as well as how many profile points you've earned.

NFS Shift iPhone definitely has an awesome graphics. I think it can equal the PSP at some aspect. There's even some cool features in the game like your wind shield getting damaged, and you can see it when you're in the driver seat's view. Btw, there are several views available for the game where there's this driver seat view like I already mentioned, a first person (almost) view where you just see the front part of the car, a 3rd person view where you can see the whole car which is the best view if you want to see how the car drifts or for some people it might actually be the best view to play.

The cars are certainly great, they do not look like boxes with a car drawn because they really show their shape. Yeah, like how you would look at a really sexy babe.

You can select your own song to play from the songs installed on your iPhone and you can play them while driving. You can tilt the iPhone left and right in order to steer left and right. If you want to perform a drift, simply rotate (not title) the iPhone on the direction you want to drift. It takes some getting used to but it's actually easier than having to accelerate, break and steer.

Drifting in Need For Speed Shift is almost automatic. If there's one downside in Need For Speed Shift is that there's no side mirror. An arrow indicator tells if an opponent car is nearby though... Tilting sensitivity can be configured, just in case you're not satisfied with the default settings.

NFS Shift is a great game to put on your iPhone especially if you travel a lot by train or bus or maybe even on a plane. It's good because you can just have a quick race and stop when you feel tired.

Need For Speed Shift iPhone Score

Gameplay: 4
Graphics: 5
Controls: 4
Sound: 4
Replay Value: 5
Overall: 4.4 / 5

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